About Track Changes

Track Changes is a podcast series exploring public sector policy innovation from its many angles: bringing you stories of innovation that worked and innovation that failed, demystifying buzzwords and concepts, chatting with previous generations of public servants, and interviewing current leaders and practitioners from Canada and beyond. Episodes are produced and created by an interdepartmental team of public servants with support from the PCO Innovation Hub.

Recurring Segments

  • tl;dr - Where a guest speaker/expert in a field explains a policy innovation concept in 100 seconds or less. This segment is sort of like the game “explain like you’re 5”; we ask our guests to tell us, in basic language, what a technical term or concept means.

  • The Deep Dive - Where we follow a particular story from multiple angles. You get to hear various voices, a narrative-based story from start to finish, and our musings about what it all means for the field of policy innovation.

  • In the Room - Where we take you inside meetings, talks, or other events so that you can directly hear the insights and perspectives that were shared, as well as participants' reflections and/or some of our commentary and interpretation over top.